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How to post a video into a forum thread

(Author: Bob T)

and how to upload a Youtube or Vimeo video to the Gallery

 How to post a video into a forum thread and how to upload a Youtube or Vimeo video to the Gallery.

There used to be way by clicking a button 'Add Video' you could then add a video to the forum thread.
Unfortunately at the moment this option is no longer available,
so here is an alternative way of doing it, by putting in the BBL code.

This is what you need to type, depending where your video is kept.


[video=youtube]Paste your video URL here[/video]


[video=vimeo]Paste your video URL here[/video]

If you forget what to type come back to the document section,
to look this document again.

To upload a video from youtube or Vimeo to the Gallery follow these instructions




John Burke      (at 7:50pm, Sun 20th Nov, 22)

Hi Chris. Chrome works fine for me when displaying videos in the gallery.

ChrisFearnley      (at 9:52pm, Fri 18th Nov, 22)

Thanks for this. I realsie now that the problem I was having was due to the browswer - embedded videos on NZMeccano do not appear to work on Google Chrome. Windows Edge and Firefox are OK.

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