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Midlands Meccano Guild 1985

The 36th Model Tour of the Midlands Meccano Guild

30th March 1985

On this page, some video of the 1985 model tour.  Now, the age of this video (and the obvious limits of the technology at the time) mean that the quality isn't exactly perfect, but at least it's here and visible.

The model tour is hosted by Ken Wright, and the cameraman is Michael Walker (who has copied the tape to DVD).  I have been informed that unanimous permission has been granted by all those present for the video to be made.  If anyone has any issues at all about this video please email us by clicking on 'contact us' at the top of the page.

Video (click on each headline to view that part)

The video will appear in a new page, and start playing after a few seconds.  Click the "back" button on your browser (or press Backspace) to come back here.

Part 1 (about 30 minutes)

Part 2 (about 30 minutes)

Part 3 (about 12 minutes)

Modellers featured in these videos

Ernest Chandler
A version of Bill Sangster's (of British Columbia) Meccanograph; also two twin cylinder horizontal steam engines, Sea Plane Recovery Crane by Joseph Manduca and Christmas Tree.
Ken Wright
Outfit Manual 9.13 Tramcar in Blue & Gold
Esmond Roden
Outfit Manual 9.13 Tramcar in Red & Green; also Outfit Manual 6.13 Tipping Lorry (improved)
Simon Devlin (son of Geoff)
Outfit Manual 7.16 Cargo Plane (improved and motorised)
Geoff Devlin
1/8th scale Caterpillar D9L Bulldozer
Terry Pettit
Freelance Farm Tractor
Alan Scargill
Dockside crane (from a 1969 MM) Also twin cylinder steam engine,
Robin Schoolar
Freelance WW2 Halftrack, radio controlled
Mike Cotterill
Twin cylinder beam pumping engine and boiler
Bob Ford
1/12th scale Union Pacific "Big-Boy" locomotive.
John Stephenson
A version of Eric Jenkins's Collis Crane Platform Truck. Also a version of Matthew Murray's Straight Line Motion.
John Bridger
"Cyclone Twist" fairground ride.