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Meccano links

Not every link. Not by any means. However, here are some of our very favourite Meccano-related websites. All of the links on this page contain really interesting information about Meccano, and we'd rather give you a small list of great sites instead of a huge list of partially working sites.

Click on any of the green link icons to go to that page. If you want to keep this website in view as well, just right-click on any of the link icons and select "Open in new window".

The Meccano Light Red and Green Period  

Melvyn Wright's website is a fabulous collection of almost everything you could want to know about this period of Meccano's history. It only covers the six years of this colour scheme, from 1958 to 1964, but the amount of information in here shows how much it would take to give a full history of Meccano covering the whole of the 20th century! Very well researched and with information from many Meccano experts, this is what a Meccano website should be like. Read it all!

The International Society of Meccanomen  

This is a global 'club' for serious Meccano enthusiasts. Whether or not you feel like joining this club, the website has another great left-hand-side menu full of all sorts of interesting information. The credentials of the contributors are impeccable. As a rule, if this site says something is so, it's almost certainly right.

Club des Amis du Meccano  

This very loud website has a great range of models showing that the French are every bit as talented as anyone when it comes to Meccano. The site is unfortunately very difficult to navigate, but it's worth it just to see Guy Pouchet's incredible Loom! Lots of pictures from French exhibitions too.