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Meccano Outfit Contents

This page allows you to view or print out a list of the contents of any Meccano outfit.  You may select between one and eight different outfits and add them to the list with the "Add" button below.  The contents of the selected outfits will be displayed below.

Click on the top of any column to remove it from the list.  You can also add a blank column (for you to fill in quantities on the printout), or a difference column which shows the difference between the previous two columns.

Once created, the table can be printed by selecting "File/Print" on your browser.

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This page is rather experimental at the moment, and might contain all sorts of errors.  If you spot anything obvious please contact us by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of this page.

Listings from this page are generated from a large number of sources, including manual parts listings, Meccano Magazine information, Hornby Volume 6 by Bert Love and James Gamble (now out of print), and several other sources available in print and other forms including many early corrections from Tim Edwards' parts listings which can be found here.  There are almost certain to be errors in this enormous database, for which you would be best to blame me.  If you are concerned about financial losses resulting from errors in this list, you're more stupid than you look.  Also, your home may be at risk if you set fire to it.

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