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New Zealand Meccano videos

On this page are a selection of videos of past New Zealand Meccano exhibitions. These have all been converted from hand-held VHS tapes and as such the quality isn't great, particularly of the older ones. However, it's the best we have.

All of these videos are very large files – around 100Mb each. Please be patient when viewing them, and note that you will need a reasonable quality broadband connection to get a good image.

Video (click on each headline to view that part)

The video will appear in a new page, and start playing after a few seconds.  Click the "back" button on your browser (or press Backspace) to come back here.

Christchurch Convention April 1995, part 1 (about 30 mins)

Christchurch Convention April 1995, part 2 (about 20 mins)

Auckland Convention 1999, part 1 (about 30 minutes)

Auckland Convention 1999, part 2 (about 30 minutes)

Auckland Convention 1993, and Christchurch club meet (about 17 minutes)

The first part of the video above features Don Wilson's amazing submarine.

Wellington Convention 2007, high quality video (about 12 minutes)

The above video is a high definition version of the one on YouTube. This very large (>100Mb) video will need a fast broadband connection to show properly.