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1966 Manual Outfit 7-8  


Image by Charles Steadman, viewed 11037 times.
Size: 21.65Mb

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Barry gerdes      (at 2:26am, Tue 21st Jun, 11)

Yes pages 4 and 5 are transposed I will fix it but the page is definitely missing as I did the original scans. The updated manual will be at the url in 15 minutes.


Thomas Lawry      (at 10:23pm, Mon 20th Jun, 11)

Pages 2 and 3 are transposed! That's all!

Barry Gerdes      (at 3:01pm, Mon 20th Jun, 11)

This manual is missing page 3.
Please get the corrected version from

fernando zamora      (at 2:06am, Mon 28th Dec, 09)

Sirs, thank you for you nice web. I tried to download one manual about standard mechanisms and cannot at all. Sure, I'registered previously, but.. Some idea?
Thank you very much from spain

Reply: I just tried the 1928 copy and it seems to be ok? Just click on the "download this pdf..." button and the file will start downloading to your computer. You might find that your browser is not telling you what it's downloading... try looking at "Tools/Downloads" or in your "My Documents/Downloads" folder on your computer. It might be there already. What browser are you using?

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