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Welcome to the document browser!

(Author: Charles)

What's this all about?

This page allows you to create your own documents within the NZMeccano web site, for all to see, and of course to read the documents created by others!

I have no idea how many different uses there might be for this, but some of the ones that come to mind include Model plans, Hints and Tips, Opinions, Reviews, News about Meccano... there must be many other categories...

This is one of those documents, to show what can be done...

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Anonymous      (at 8:16pm, Sun 18th Jun, 17)

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Bob t      (at 1:45pm, Fri 16th Jun, 17)

I have asked some of the guys in the Rust Bucket section if they can help, come and have a look after a little time if you are able to, if not I'll post a reply here.

Cary      (at 1:07pm, Fri 16th Jun, 17)

Can anyone help me with a picture and or description for part of a model I am building. It is the electric counting conveyor from 5:18 book of models 1970. Have the conveyor belt part working no problems, but can't nut out the back inside part with the coil and how it turns the counter ect.???

CTB13      (at 10:23am, Mon 24th Oct, 16)

Metallus Crawlerset looks pretty good, but I didnĀ“t find anybody really satisfied. Axles are to weak, and the wheels itself are not cut to work properly.

Peter Vandeweg      (at 11:04am, Sun 24th Jul, 16)

With respect to crawler tracks, you may wish to consider the Metallus Track set.

Bob T      (at 5:36am, Sat 23rd Jul, 16)

Keith, There are some track information in John R. Hornsby's Demag 1200 & CC4000 photo albums here
There is also an article in the Johannesurg Meccano Hobbists Newsletter, December 2008 Issue 88 see here

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