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Meccano Models

Some examples of our favourite Meccano models

Michael Walker has sent me a video recording of the 1985 Midlands Meccano Guild model tour, which is on this page here.

Some videos of various New Zealand Meccano exhibitions are available on this page here.

There a new page showing photographs of models designed by Andreas Konkoly, one of the most famous of all Meccano builders. You can find it by clicking here.

The biennial New Zealand Meccano exhibition was held in Upper Hutt over the Easter weekend of 2007. Pictures and video from the exhibition are on a page by themselves here.

Double Flyboats

Click here for a page about building the Meccano Double Flyboats supermodel.
The Meccano Steam Shovel from 1929
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Loading picture SteamShovel

Steam Shovel

Click here for a page including some new video footage of the steam shovel in action!

Meccano book of New Models

Well, while we're waiting, here are some scans of the 'Meccano book of new models', dating from the late 20's. Some really nice ones here...

11 - Motor Cycle
12 - Wringing Machine
13 - Rocket Locomotive
14 - Portable Electric Fire
15 - Electric Vacuum Cleaner
16 - Skimmer Scoop Excavator
17 - Fire Engine
18 - Petrol-Electric Mobile Crane
19 - Trench Shovel
20 - Bacon Slicing Machine
21 - Hammerhead Crane
22 - Big Wheel
23 - Shipyard Crane
24 - Flying Machine
25 - Side Lever Marine Engine
26 - Direct-Acting Steam Marine Engine
27 - Symington's Original Marine Engine

Meccano Outfit 10 models

Click on any of the thumbnails below to download the building instructions for these models. Each set of instructions is a zip file containing jpg images, one for each page, sized for printing on A4 landscape paper.

Instructions for Railway Service Crane
Instructions for Sports Motor Car
Instructions for Coal Tippler
Instructions for Cargo Ship
Instructions for Double Deck Bus
Instructions for Lifting Shovel
Instructions for Block-setting Crane
Instructions for Beam Bridge
Instructions for Dumper Truck
Instructions for Automatic Gantry Crane
Instructions for Automatic Snow Loader

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