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Meccano Gallery  

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Dugan (Seattle)
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Dugan (Seattle)
(new) Oddly small flywheel
Dugan (Seattle)

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Cedric      (at 5:15am, Wed 21st Mar, 18)

Thanks to Michael and bob t for all the information. Will follow up on your info ASAP

bob t      (at 12:02pm, Mon 19th Mar, 18)

Cedric, For manuals in the gallery above, click on 'Meccano Manuals' then
'Red/green manuals 1945-63', then 1947 Manual Outfit 7-8 (2nd row 6th across);
you could also try repeating above and click on 1950 manual outfit 7-8.
Click where it says "Download this PDF file".
They have different covers & contents but your set could have had either one. Thanks again Michael for helping.

bob t      (at 11:52am, Mon 19th Mar, 18)

Cedric, It looks like I cannot give you direct URL's due to spammers, so in the Gallery above, click on 'Meccano outfits and other products', now select
'Medium Red/Green outfits (1945-57), click on page '2' right hand corner now click on 1st box on 2nd row'1947 #7 outfit unused' this should give you your set.
Thank you Michael for pointing Cedric in the right direction. If you find the set OK, I'll then point you in the right direction for a manual.

Cedric      (at 4:48am, Sun 18th Mar, 18)

Michael thanks for your response. Colour scheme is Red and Green. One piece of silver/zinc. I have the original carton(unfortunately in poor condition. The background colour is red. The label consist of a boy in blue shouting the praises of Meccano. The centre is a Meccano built Draw Bridge and a ship sailing under the bridge. A"7" in a cilcle in the right hand bottom corner.
Along the bottom of the label is MADE IN ENGLAND BY MECCANO LIMITED LIVERPOOL.All the thin flexible plates have all round holes. Hope the info is of help.

Michael Walker      (at 1:18pm, Mon 12th Mar, 18)

Cedric, in order to assist in identifying the correct instructions manual, it would be helpful if you could tell us a bit more about your Meccano set 7. This is because there were many versions of a Set 7 over the years.

For example, what is the colour scheme of your set? Is it mainly composed of nickel parts? Or red/green, yellow/silver/black, blue/zinc/yellow or very pale yellow/zinc?

Is the set still in its original carton or chest? If so, can you say more about it?

If there are any thin flexible plates in the set, do they have all round holes in them, or are the end holes slotted (oval)?

Cedric      (at 4:55am, Mon 12th Mar, 18)

I have acquired a Meccano set Number 7. No Manual. Any ideas as to when this set was made and is an instruction manual available. Any info will be appreciated.

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