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Welcome to NZMeccano.com

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the new home of NZMeccano.com!  There's all sorts about Meccano on this site available from the buttons above.  Some of the highlights include:

Dozens of people have helped to create the content on this site, and we're always looking for more pictures and information. If you can help, please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

We have recently moved from our awful old web hosts, to a shiny new facility. Some things might have temporarily broken. If there's anything you notice that's not working correctly, please tell us. Or if you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.  Just click on 'Contact us' above, or post to the 'Rust Bucket' forum.  Ditto if you find any mistakes – we want to make this website as accurate as possible.

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What's new?

15-12-13   Part 142 is now in progress in the Online Museum
14-12-13   Do you have a Retina display? You might see better images...
10-12-13   Over 40,000 images in the gallery, look here first for pictures
02-12-13   The Spanner Christmas Challenge 2013 is on! Read more here...
11-01-10   Substantial updates to the blue/gold outfits page
17-11-09   At long last, an page for Mechanics Made Easy
07-09-09   Got a Meccano Ten-Set? Take part in our survey!
14-05-09   A new area for you to write about anything Meccano-related
28-02-09   A page where you can create contents lists of outfits
19-02-09   The Meccano Magazine viewer is complete
20-01-09   Substantial updates to the silver/yellow/black page
10-08-08   A new page for nickel era outfits, although early days yet
07-08-08   We now have a new area for posting Meccano wanted adverts!
10-06-08   The Auckland Meccano Guild now has its site online here
20-01-08   Oscar started sending me modern parts listings, see here...
01-01-08   A first attempt to describe the colour schemes of Meccano
15-12-07   Some thoughts on the problems with modern Meccano
29-10-07   Finally, the new version of the painting page, on spraying parts
01-06-07   Our first 'letter' and more 50's cards in the stringing page

A replica of the Pinyon Blocksetter
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Thanks to an extremely generous response to a call for donations, we are now fully paid up on our server for the year. The donations button will be back next September.

Thanks very much to everyone who donated!

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