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Meccano Wanted

I am looking for a X2 box from the Swedish FAC construction system.
Budget not specified.
Delivery to Netherlands.

Posted: 2011-03-01


are the x2 fat still for sale, and how much?do you ship to denmark? best regards

  (posted by martin on 04-03-17 16:39)

I have a X2 set for sale.

  (posted by Maartenlabordus1 on 27-04-15 15:33)

Offers wanted for X2 F.A.C. box and contents (no tyres,no U/joints, No aluminium plates, this is an early set).lots of parts plus extra gears set in special plastic box.three other grey plastic boxesw

  (posted by colinmeccano on 07-01-12 10:53)

Quantity: 2
Price each: £250
Price total:
Postage: ?
Payment method: Paypal/bank transfer

I have TWO of the X2 sets in their wooden boxes. neither is complete, many parts are unused. Can sell just a box, or any parts. What exactly do you need?

Quantity: 1
Price each: £100
Price total:
Postage: ?
Currency: GBP
Payment method: Paypal

Hi there - I have an incomplete X2 set, and can sell you just the box, or any parts you want (if I have them)

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