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Mr Gilbow makes 'em even bigger BUT  

These are 12"Straight hand shears & a very good inexpensive investment for all DIY Rebels - My professional advice is to use them on metal ONLY so that the blades will stay keen. - The Vice mounting &Aluminium tube allows for easy guidance & cutting of steel sheet metal up to 1.2 mm thick (18 SWG) - A 14" pair would be even better but these store in the drawer more easily :-) .  

Mr Gilbow makes
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mike dennis      (at 9:30pm, Fri 6th Jul, 18)

Hi Yohan,
Thanks for the commments and the Shears work best if the blades are kept tight by tightening the bolt a tad, and the Red ?black Upper right is in fact a Mini Brake shear I bought in about 2003 or 4 - Not long after they first appeared in the UK for 99 Quid. To it's left is one of my two Whitney Roper Copy hand punches Sealey AK9821 with Stops added & set up permanently with a 5/32 punch for Mutilation etc also bought around the same time.

DIYSwede      (at 8:30pm, Fri 6th Jul, 18)

Nice take, Mike! Not familiar of those, but aren't they really intended as garden shears? :-)
Hat off for your hole c-c fixture for the (former) hand punch! BTW: The red/black piece at the right - is that some Industrial Grade rollers? Just curious, y'a know! :-)
I sometimes get colleagues' comments on my crammed workbench, like "-Johan, don't you know that the state of your workbench mirrors your brains?" To which I instantly reply that I prefer this, rather than having an empty, tidy one.

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