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Meccano Railcar from 1947 No. 8 Manual Electrified/Modified for O Gauge  

I had originally built this a few days ago and powered it with a clockwork motor to run on G gauge track. I have now electrified it using a Meccano 20R motor to run on O gauge track. My track has very sharp turns for this three foot model, as you can see. I wanted to use only the parts that would have been present in a 1947 No. 8 set, so I was restricted to use the 57 tooth gear with a 19 tooth pinion and a 25 tooth gear with a 50 tooth pinion giving a reduction of 6:1 to power the no.20 flanged wheels. The motor is swivelled vertically, as otherwise I would need more gears. I have made a collecting roller for picking up current from the middle track using a modern meccano three hole plastic strip and a collar. The G gauge has only two tracks unlike 3 for O gauge, so the wheels would have had to be electrically insulated from each other. This would not have been possible if I wanted to use the flanged wheels of the No. 8 set, so I decided to modify it for O gauge. I have now been informed by Richard Payn that the No.8 set of 1947 had three 19t pinions and two 57t gears so I have used these and it runs better, but my video is still the old one.  

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