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Two-yarn French knitting machine Mark 1 - overall view  

This French knitter is now knitting two separate yarns - I've wanted to try this for some time. I'm not sure that it is worth the trouble, but I'm glad to have done it. As viewed from the top, the small feeder Gear Ring is rotating clockwise - the Meccano whirligig on top is oriented correctly :)

It is based, of course, on the previous Mk4 knitter, and required only some rearrangement of the gearing and phasing of the latch-hooks - diagonally opposite hooks now go up and down together, so their action is actually simpler than with a one-yarn knitter.

I'm sure the mechanics of operating them could be much simplified. I'll get around to that when I've nothing else on the horizon ...  

Two-yarn French knitting machine Mark 1 - overall view
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Michael Walker      (at 9:22pm, Mon 4th Oct, 21)

This machine is so elegantly designed it's practically a work of art - besides being mechanically ingenious and creating a useful, decorative product.

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