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1923 Manual  


Image by Charles Steadman, viewed 9315 times.
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Barry Gerdes      (at 3:51pm, Mon 31st Dec, 12)

French manuals at http://meccrl.free.fr

john r hornsby      (at 1:46pm, Mon 31st Dec, 12)

Bonjour, Je ne parle Francais, Vous avez jugé ce site http://sizygie.free.fr/manuals/

Gislain TUMSONET      (at 10:40am, Mon 31st Dec, 12)

Je ne parle pas l'anglais
Je souhaiterai consulter quelques manuels sur votre site.
Comment je dois m'y prendre ?

Barry Gerdes      (at 6:08pm, Tue 4th Dec, 12)

Yes Stephen
It is a synthesized cover from a 1923(?) manual I had that was missing the covers and many pages. I have a much later version these days with much improved data but still largely synthesized from the 1922 2nd edition 1924 and a 1923A manual. Models are correct but method of display may not be. My manuals on the manual page are from 2008 and earlier. I have since revised many times to use more up to date information.


Stephen Brook      (at 3:22pm, Fri 16th Apr, 10)

The front cover of this manual appears to have been manufactured from parts of covers taken from other manuals. The price of the English edition at this time was 2/6 not 3/6.
The initial and final pages also appear to have come from other (different) manuals.

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