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1928 #5 outfit in blue wooden box  

This outfit is complete and with original parts, manuals and small parts boxes. Rather strangely the wooden boxed version of the #5 outfit from this time came in a blue wooden box. Earlier wooden boxes were all varnished oak whilst later boxes for #6 and #7 outfits were green.  

1928 #5 outfit in blue wooden box
Image by Malcolm Hanson, viewed 2107 times.
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Pertti      (at 1:01pm, Thu 6th May, 21)

Thanks for the advice!

Michael Walker      (at 12:55pm, Thu 6th May, 21)

Pertti, may I offer you my congratulations on buying such a fine Meccano set at a thrift store. To obtain an inventory for this outfit, click on the red "Outfits" tab near the top left of this page. A drop-down menu will appear, at the bottom of which you will see "Parts List Generator". This facility will create the list you require.

Pertti      (at 12:34pm, Thu 6th May, 21)

Me and my son found this same set at a thrift store. We have no idea what the parts are for this, so could I get an inventory of this set, please?

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