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Art Deco Laundry van 2021  


Art Deco Laundry van 2021
Image by Stefan Tokarski, viewed 279 times.
Size: 296.55kb (1920x1485 pixels)

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Michael Walker      (at 4:53pm, Wed 5th May, 21)

All those curves must have been difficult to achieve in Meccano. They give this laundry van a distinctive look which is so redolent of the Art Deco period.

Alan      (at 3:45pm, Wed 5th May, 21)

Stefan, Have always liked these coach craft vans great you have made an attractive model of one. Meccano made a nice little Dinky Toys version and a coach in the 1930's the coach was available until the 1950's.Alan

AE      (at 9:13pm, Tue 4th May, 21)


AE      (at 9:13pm, Tue 4th May, 21)


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