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Christmas Challenge 2011

(Author: Spanner)

The Spanner Challenge

The Rules

The Spanner Christmas Challenge 2011 is to build a Meccano model according to the following conditions:

1) Up to 20 Meccano parts may be used excepting the following for which any quantity may be used:

a) Nuts, bolts and washers
b) driving bands
c) string or cord
d) spring clips

2) Any Meccano parts from between 1901 and 2011

3) No parts may be used that weren't designed by the Meccano Company (Frank Hornby's or any successor)

4) Manual models are not allowed

The rules were suggested by Guy Kind and formalised by Roger Thorpe. 

For clarification, a Meccano branded motor does count as a Meccano part.  Power supplies and cabling, however, don't count as parts and are allowed gratis.

Guy's rule clarification No.1: You can't break up a part into its components (for example, if you use a GRB you have to use it as a GRB, not just as a cheap way of 'buying' small flanged wheels.  If you use a 140 you have to use it as a universal coupling, not half of it in one part of the model and half in another part).


Post your entries on Spanner or directly to the Christmas Challenge 2011 gallery (or to your personal gallery and send an email to request it be moved).  Only one primary photo is permitted in the Christmas Challenge Gallery, but further photographs, videos etc can be posted to the "Extra photos" folder underneath.  Remember to refer to these in your description of the model.


All viewers may place a "rating" on each model in the Christmas Challenge Gallery, rating the model from 1 to 10 by clicking on the appropriate number underneath the thumbnail.

You may "rate" as many or as few models as you wish.

You can only "rate" each model once, but you may change that rating at any time.  An arrow underneath a thumbnail shows the rating you have given to that model. 

Every now and then, the models in the gallery will be sorted in order of their current rating.

Anonymous rating is welcome, but anonymous ratings don't affect the overall score as significantly.


The Christmas Challenge closes at midnight on Christmas Eve your local time.  The winner will receive global accolade (well, at least until next year).

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