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Christmas Challenge 2017

(Author: Melvyn)

Spanner Challenge


So here are the rules for the 2+ challenge:


Make something from a 1950s Outfit

 plus 12 extra parts of your own choice. The parts can be in any colour.


The extra parts are voluntary and not compulsory! They can be duplicates of those already included in the outfit, or completely different parts.


The extra parts should be contempory with the outfit, and chosen from the 1954-1961 parts list.

Bending and folding of parts is allowed, but not cutting or drilling, etc.

To prevent the lack of fixings from stifling creativity, there will be no limit on the number of standard nuts & bolts (part 37)

To encourage movement, clockwork or electric motors and battery boxes can be included, and they will not be counted amongst the 12 extra parts. As the universal electric motors of the period are generally too large and cumbersome for this purpose, you can use any later battery-driven motor, as long as it is a Meccano motor.

Motors are 'free', but not any accompanying pulleys and driving bands that may have been sold with the motors. They would be included in the 12 extra parts.

Anybody can enter and multiple entries are allowed. BUT Photographs of all entries MUST be posted on the Spanner list, along with a list of any extra parts used.
These entries will be shown in the NZ Gallery "Christmas Challenge 2017"

Only one primary photo is permitted in the Christmas Challenge Gallery, but further photographs, videos etc can be posted to the "Extra photos" folder underneath.
Post these "Extra photos" to your personal gallery and send an email to request it be moved.

The challenge closes on the last second of 2017, when Big Ben strikes in the New Year! (Yes Big Ben will be working again then!

Have fun!


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