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Buying and Building an Arduino System

(Author: David Couch)


This document has been replaced by a PDF file in my gallery at https://www.nzmeccano.com/image-165699

Stephen Westmoreland      (at 3:18pm, Wed 30th Sep, 20)

I did, thanks bob t.

bob t      (at 7:46am, Wed 30th Sep, 20)

Stephen, Why don't you email David directly, his email is just above. Communications are not brilliant using this method due to spammers. Or join us on Rust Bucket Forum and chat about Arduido etc.

Stephen Westmoreland      (at 7:33pm, Tue 29th Sep, 20)

Hi David
What do you think of the Complete Ultimate Starter (MEGA 2560 R3, stepper motor etc) from Fishpond $176 or Arduino K000007 Starter (UNO board rev 3, servo motor etc) $174.42 from element14? What does UNO mean? I am a Meccano modeller and have asked for a Christmas present around $200 and like an Arduino set that has all accessories - breadboard, advice and all the sensors.

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