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Part 20a: 2'' pulley

This page also describes part 20c, the 2'' pulley without boss, a part supplied in the two clock kits of the mid-70's.

20a2'' pulley with boss1915-646N°7
20c2'' pulley without boss19721980n/an/an/aClock kit part only
A range of pulley colours, pre-war top, post-war below
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Loading picture 2inpulleys

The parts

The 2'' pulley was initially a cast lead alloy 'flywheel', derived from the flywheel on the ill-fated vertical steam engine of 1914. It was replaced in 1915 by a WW1 'economy' version, created from a single steel disc with castellated 'teeth' bent in alternate directions. Two varieties of this part are known, one of very thin steel where the teeth are noticeably distorted by the cutting process, and one of thicker steel (about twice as thick).

The more familiar 2'' pulley was created immediately after this, and remained in production without changes until the end of production. Of course, the pulley was available in all of the usual colours through the years. The photo above shows some of the pre-war colours at the top, and the only two post-war colours (black and blue).

The 2'' pulley rim (left) and narrower part 20c (right)
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Loading picture 20ac rims

Chronological variations

Although the special part 20c (2'' pulley without boss) is superficially exactly the same as the 2'' pulley (but without the boss, of course!), it is in fact slightly different. The overall width is considerably less, as shown in the photo.

Variations and oddities

None known
1958-64 2'' pulleys in box
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Loading picture pulley2spareparts

Dealer spare parts boxes

The box to the right contains six 2'' pulleys. The light green label was added to small parts boxes in 1958 to identify parts that had changed colour between the medium green and light green eras. Although the parts in this box aren't light green (they're blue), the label shows they're new stock. A similar box with a yellow label (pre-1958) would contain black pulleys.

Individual part numbers

Part numbers for the parts on this page are as follows:    Unique part numbers
For identification, each variation has been given a suffix to the main Meccano part number. These suffixes consist of a two-character code for the colour, and if there are many variations, a further number and sometimes letter code to identify each variation. See the bottom of the 'Parts' page for further details.

You don't need to worry what the codes are, just click on any one for a photograph.

The button above turns on and off the display of DMS numbers (where they are known). The DMS (Development of the Meccano System, Hauton and Hindemarsh) published in 1972 and added to in 75 and 82, suggested part numbers for every variation of every Meccano part. These numbers aren't perfect, but they are recognised and also referenced in the EMP (Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts, Don Blakeborough).

More about bosses More about stampings More about paint colours
Lead-alloy 'flywheel'15.pb 
Castellated thin gauge nickel-plated steel16.ni1 
Castellated thick gauge nickel-plated steel16.ni2 
Nickel-plated two-part pulley, nickel plated boss18.ni3 
As above, black single-tapped18?.bk1 
As above, nickel with brass boss18?.ni 
As above, early red26.re2 
Dark red26.dr 
Dark red with green rim??.rg 
Dark blue34.nb 
Dark blue with blue boss34.nb1 
Red with black rims37?.re1 
Dark blue78.db 
Dark yellow78.dy 

Please send us pictures of missing parts! Hints and tips for pictures
Take a picture of the part in very good light, preferably on a plain yellow background, without a flash but with a tripod.
Ideally, trim the picture to about 150 pixels per inch of the Meccano part (unless the part is particularly big or small), save it as a reasonably good quality jpg file with a filename of exactly the part number, for example 19b.ni1.jpg, and email it to us by clicking on 'Contact us' at the top of the page. Thanks!

Further information

kbisset      (at 1:04am, Sat 11th Jul, 20)

In my gallery, image-148252 is a picture of a variation of the 2" pulley not mentioned here. It follows the two designs of the slotted 3" pulley...

NP      (at 9:08pm, Fri 2nd Nov, 12)

The black enamelled ones are UK production that was exported to the US and are slightly less uncommon over there than here (!). The finish matches the earliest 3" pulleys and so in my view they predate the nickel ones.

Brian      (at 8:03pm, Fri 2nd Nov, 12)

What about the width variants? I have what I assume to be a 1918 wide groove with black painted boss, even the screw. Considerably wider than traditional whereupon the tyres are a loose fit. From a US source.

Paul D      (at 5:34am, Tue 13th Sep, 11)

Were the early lead 'flywheel' versions ever made without a boss? I have a nickel plated one of the right diameter that looks very similar to the 20a.pb shown here, except for the lack of a boss. The plating goes over both faces of the axle hole so it doesn't look like a boss has been cut or knocked off.

Alan Keith      (at 10:13pm, Fri 21st Sep, 07)

The widths of the bossed part changed as well, not just associated with bossed/unbossed. I purchased 8 black pulleys (not sure of exact era), then 8 blue ones (again - - -). The black versions were wide, 4 of the blue were narrow and 4 were medium width. The tyres that were on the black version wouldn't fit the narrow blues, and barely fit the medium blues, with some out-of-true noticeable on the mounted unit.

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