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Meccano GalleryWaste bin for deleted imagesMiscellanea MeccanoKeith Cameron's CQ1 Voiture de Maitre - February 2016

Keith Cameron's CQ1 Voiture de Maitre - February 2016  

This is my build of Keith's Edwardian car, completed in February 2016 in DBDY. I used some non-DBDY pieces where I thought they added to the whole. Apart from steering, no mechanism whatsoever is fitted.

Although I'm now quite pleased with the outcome, I did not find this an easy model to build. If I had not had self-locking forceps to hold nuts in impossible places, I think I would have given up!

It came about after seeing a very pretty (and much simpler) version on eBay. It's not the usual kind of model that I like to build, and I'll not be progressing any further down this particular path.  

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Alan      (at 6:06am, Mon 29th Feb, 16)

Very attractive Graham too in your colour scheme.

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