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Peter Jonges  

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Shipyard Gantry crane 600 tonne SWL
58 photos
Peter Jonges
Bottom Dump hauler Unit Rig BD 180
114 photos
Peter Jonges
Epicyclic hube reducer
27 photos
Peter Jonges
Mercedes Actros 8x8/4 truck
37 photos
Peter Jonges
Pipe Layer
30 photos
Peter Jonges
CC12000 Demag Crane
39 photos
Peter Jonges

Level luffing crane
78 photos
Peter Jonges
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Peter Jonges      (at 3:53pm, Mon 22nd Jan, 18)

Thank you John. I also shall add the photos from my Mercedes Actros in the near future. Unfortunately I don't have digital photos from my Demag CC 12000.

bob t      (at 11:42pm, Sun 21st Jan, 18)

Thank you Peter for this information, your photos are very good. I remember your Prizewinning Demag Crane from Skegex 1998, there is an excellent video in the Skegex Exhibition folder by Crane enthusiast John R. Hornsby.

Peter Jonges      (at 7:06pm, Sun 21st Jan, 18)

I have a Nikon D3 and mostly take the detail photos with 24-70 m f/2.8, for photos like the overall view of the gantry crane a PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5 and for close up a AF Micro-Nikko 200mm f/4

bob t      (at 4:24pm, Sun 21st Jan, 18)

Peter, excellent photography, may I ask you what camera you used?

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