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1927 Dealer's counter cabinet  

The contents list inside the lid of this outfit is dated May 1927. The parts are all of the period and have been strung to the original velvet card.  

1927 Dealer
Image by Malcolm Hanson, viewed 3810 times.
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Michael Walker      (at 9:07pm, Sun 21st Apr, 19)

I could gaze for hours at this cabinet display. It is indeed a welcome sight; eye candy for sure. If I'd been born earlier, my dream job would have been to own a Meccano shop. Thank you for giving this dealer's cabinet a good home where it will be appreciated.

Kevin Clark      (at 8:18pm, Sun 21st Apr, 19)

I am very happy to be the owner of this Cabinet now and it is proudly displayed in my Meccano Room in Western Canada. RIP Malcolm, a fine legacy you have left.

Michel Lhomme      (at 8:21am, Thu 21st Feb, 19)

May be, the gey pulley blocks with lug N°152 and N°153 are not 1927 but later.

bruno      (at 8:09am, Wed 20th Feb, 19)

combien coute votre coffret


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