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Few assorted parts for a popular Meccano set. Which set?  


Few assorted parts for a popular Meccano set. Which set?
Image by Subrata, viewed 185 times.
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Stan Knight      (at 10:20pm, Fri 9th Nov, 18)

Hello Subrata,
Not at present. Instead I am just starting to think about a medium-sized model of Stephenson's Rocket! I have just completed the driving wheels so far.

Subrata      (at 1:33pm, Fri 9th Nov, 18)

Hello Stan,
Yes, I have gone through the documentation, very well written. About two years ago we have exchanged some ideas regarding this. Are you planning any new model with Pocket Meccano?

Stan Knight      (at 4:16am, Fri 9th Nov, 18)

I don't know if you have seen my descriptive article about the Pocket Sets in the Documents section. It is entitled 'Minimal Meccano'.

Subrata      (at 1:28am, Fri 9th Nov, 18)

Absolutely correct, Stan. As I do not have the original POCKET MECCANO SET, I completed this collection from my stock. It include replica parts also, like the pair if plastic plates.

Stan Knight      (at 4:17pm, Thu 8th Nov, 18)

1971 Pocket Meccano?? Just the Cord is missing. And the Spanner/Spanner Driver.

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