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MECAREP - Medium duty M6 & HD Lead screw assemblies  

For machinery, Rams, lifting and tipping mechanisms etc - Can also be Left hand threaded for a model lathe or milling machine  

MECAREP - Medium duty M6 & HD Lead screw assemblies
Image by Mike dennis, viewed 232 times.
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Mike Dennis      (at 11:01am, Sun 13th Aug, 17)

Hi Johann
I have not published it as it is only hand written and illustrated by me in Word as a personal record of my parts development and antics. I picked up on Paul Digards comments about his model today, copied this page on Rusty bucket and stuck it in Doc Cheapo's stuff here as well.

Johan Andersson/ DIYSwede      (at 10:46am, Sun 13th Aug, 17)

Hi, Mike! Regarding the "book on the History and Development of MECAREP Model & Engineering services" - can that be obtained, per chance? I'm NOT trying to establish a global enterprise in the lucrative and exploding Meccano Parts Market, to cash-in from your labors - just curious!
I guess my place in the evolution/ food chain is to recycle and repackage sc***s for fun, rather than exploiting others vanity... :-) Take Care! Keep the spirit up! //Johan

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