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Free DIY 12 inch GREAT heavy duty roller bearing  

Scrapped a bunch of Strand Patt 223 stage lights from the seventies, and found that the rotating barndoor holders each featured four nice slotted 1/2" brass rollers on bolts. Figured they could come in handy - so I got over five dozens of them for a perhaps rainy day. Suddenly a coupla 1 ft bolt circle dia, inner flanged rings from another type of luminaire became a DIY GRB. I never dreamed about one as a kid, and not even today (promise!) - but as I can't throw anything useful away , I guess I'll keep it. Just roll and drill a 60 hole 10" dia spreader ring and bolt up the rollers. This 1 hr scrapping session also netted 3 kg (also +5 dozens) of 1/4" dia 5 " long brass rods for my new lathe to bite into. Shows that you REALLY should keep everything - as it eventually will come in handy!  

Free DIY 12 inch GREAT heavy duty roller bearing
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Johan/ DIYSwede      (at 5:57am, Sat 12th Aug, 17)

Yup - working myself thru a Xerox CMYK printer these days - loads of axles, POM gears, bearings and stepper motors. Realized (thru others) that those SS 12" rollers actually are ground to a tolerance of +/- 2,5/1000 of a mm. Good enuff for alignment of my new lathe. This also saves my Uni abt £ 100/ 100kg of handling electronics waste. Plastics and metal sc*** fractions goes for free (as of today)

Grendel      (at 11:34am, Fri 11th Aug, 17)

I am a great believer in recycling, I have never thrown away a printer- just the plastic housing, all the steel rods, screws and gears have been removed and squirreled away for a rainy day.

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