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Meccano GalleryUser galleriesGraham JostBraiding Machines9 Seven-Bobbin Linear Flat-Braid Braiding Machine - December 2016 and February 2020
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The Deck  

This shows the seven spool assemblies being circulated by three carriers. The outer carriers rotate clockwise, with the centre carrier rotating counter-clockwise. No prizes for guessing that correctly!  

The Deck
Image by graham jost, viewed 1025 times.
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bob t      (at 10:37pm, Mon 29th Jun, 20)

You certainly aren't an idiot, Sheffield Magazines can be downloaded for free after they are 5 years old. So you will either have to wait another 2 years, or join the Sheffield Meccano Guild.

Vladimir remek      (at 9:50pm, Mon 29th Jun, 20)

I may look like an idiot but where should I look for Sheffield Meccano Guild Journal No.129 for June 2017

bob t      (at 7:06pm, Fri 22nd May, 20)

Note this machine was documented in Sheffield Meccano Guild Journal No.129 for June 2017
There are also 16 more photos & 5 videos in THIS album of this machine.

Vladimir remek      (at 12:45pm, Fri 22nd May, 20)

Hello, I am absolutely enchanted by what you are creating here.
I would be interested in plans for this nine bobbin knitting machine.
I would like to ask where I can find the plans.

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