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A Meccano Segway

(Author: Andre Theberge)

Assembly instructions


This section covers the assembly and fine tuning of the Meccano Segway.  The Arduino code is available in another subtitle.  The meccano assembly instructions and parts are not covered, because it is a rather simple model and the photos reveal much of the details.  Also, depending on the size of the battery used, the motors and the overall assembly to ensure balancing, the details of the construction may vary.

I hope you find here enough info to build your own version, should you have any questions, you can send me an e-mail at : atheberge2@videotron.ca and I will try my best to help you.  Please keep the questions pertaining to this project, if your question is more general in nature (How do I use an Arduino?.. How does a gyroscope works?), please consult the Arduino forum or the sources below:. 

And check my videos on YouTube:

Have fun!

Parts list (non meccano items)

2 x 80RPM geared motors.  I bought them locally for $13 CDN.  There are plenty of vendors available on the internet, so pick your favourite.

1 x 9DOF accelerator/gyroscope combo stick.  Bought at HobbyKing for $25 US.  Adafruit has also a great selection of these parts, built on a 'breakboard'.  I wrote the code to be compatible with the AXDL345 and IGT3200 chips, which are fairly common.  I also support the L3GD20, which is a better gyroscope in my opinion.

1 x Arduino module.  Bought at Adafruit for $30US.

1 x Motor driver shield, bought at Adafruit for $15US.  Mine is the older version, which is now obsolete.  They have a more recent model, which is compatible.  You will have to assemble the board, as it comes in a kit.

1 x 1K potentiometer.  You may also use any value between 1 and 10K.

1 x power switch and battery connector.  The battery connector was purchased at HobbyKing.

1 x LiPo battery, 4S, 1600mAh (14.8V nominal), bought at HobbyKing for $17US.  Or equivalent  You will need to buy the charger if it is your 1st battery of this type.

Some wires to interconnect everything

Electronic connections

Arduino to 9DOF

Potentiometer to Arduino

Motors to Adafruit motor shield

Trips and tricks when building the Segway

Software tune-up

Depending on your choice of components, these adjustments will have to be performed.  Do not take them lightly, they make the difference between a working Segway or a non-working project.






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