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Parts pricing information

(Author: Charles)

A call for help


Hi all collectors and general trivia nuts...

I'm building a database of pricing information for the parts, outfits, and motors in the Meccano system over the years.  When completed, we will be able to do all sorts of trick calculations if we so desire.

At the moment, I've entered a little data and created a very basic graph viewer which can show us the bare data.  If you click on the part number in the "Parts table" on any part in the OPM, it will show a graph of the data in the system.

To see a graph of the parts prices, just view the following page (which is actually a picture), replacing the part number as desired -- here is the graph for the 11 ½" screwed rod:


This graph will appear in a new window.  The grapher can also show more than one part at once.  For example to show all the screwed rods on one page:


I hadn't realised, for example, that the three shortest screwed rods were always so much cheaper than the longest ones.  Perhaps we can make some assumptions about the method of production on the basis of this.

The price graph blanks out at the end of production in January 1942.  It doesn't restart until we have evidence of the part being available again on its own -- sometimes many years later.

Every dot on the graph indicates a known price list.  There can be many dots in a line when the prices don't change.

The system can also show outfits, where the part numbers are prefixed by a capital O. Here's a graph of the prices of outfits 1 through to 6:


So what?

Well, I thought it was fun.

Now, in order to improve this graph, we need more data.  The price information entered so far is from the following dates:

2810, 3503, 4101, 4111, 5002, 5010, 5207, 5404, 5409, 5502, 5506, 5510, 5602, 5702, 5802, 5812, 5905, 5907, 5912, 6004, 6102, 6108, 6204, 6301, 6305, 6309, 6505, 6509, 6601, 6701, 6901, 7002, 7305

In addition, we have limited (outfit only) information for the following:

4603, 4611, 4703, 4711, 4810, 4904

So, we need more!  There are some price lists on the Gallery, and I'm sure we have more all over the place.  Anyone fancy helping out?

What we need is a CSV file (a text file separated by commas) containing three columns:

If anyone could help, it would be most appreciated.  Note that if you're using a spreadsheet to create the data (recommended) you will need to change the second column to Text (select the entire column, choose Format/Cells/Text).  This avoids it getting royally cross about pounds, shillings, and pence.  You can enter in old pence or add shillings and/or pounds too.  Or in new pence by appending a "p" to the end.

Save the CSV file as (for example) 

6901.csv for January 1969, and email it to us on the "Contact Us" 

link at the top of the page.

If you fancy a go and would like to help, find a price list that isn't listed above, and put a message below saying you're going to have a go at it.  Then no-one else will duplicate the effort.  Credits to everyone who has a go!

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scpdkv      (at 8:43am, Mon 21st Jan, 13)

EIv1xu jhqjeajqusyu

oibrem      (at 7:13am, Tue 1st Jan, 13)

ZNCFiK ztleaezxtdkd

Keith Burston      (at 9:31pm, Tue 16th Nov, 10)

5002 and 5010 from Malcolm's gallery complete. Now having a break so I can do some paid work.

Keith Burston      (at 12:28pm, Tue 16th Nov, 10)

Done 4101 from Malcolm's gallery. Will move on to 5002 (partial) and 5010.

Keith Burston      (at 12:25am, Tue 16th Nov, 10)

Hi, I have done up to 1940 from Malcolm Hanson's gallery.
I will continue with 4101.

Stuart Judd      (at 2:18am, Tue 9th Nov, 10)

I have done 2203, will check what others I have that have not been done

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