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BlockSetter Tower

(Author: Rob Thompson pp Terry Bullingh)

Built by Terry Bullingham

A freelance design intended to be representational of the type and to support the cantilever frames I built last year.
The tower is constructed principally of stainless-steel components to a scale of 1" to 1'. The relatively large scale was chosen in order to use standard handrails and ladder-work and results in a relatively small crane with a 75' long jib, rather shorter than the frequently modelled ‘Titan' giants. I have designed the tower to straddle mainline rolling stock.
Bevel gears have been used to route the drive train through the tower to the 4 driven railway wheels. In order to ease maintenance and to ensure all shafting is appropriately supported in brass journals, I have clamped 4-way collars using narrow fishplates. This does give some problems in ensuring the securing studs are at 0.5" centres, however, l feel it is worth the effort as all the individual shafts may be removed by simply releasing the collars.

Work will now commence on construction of the enqine house and winding equipment. For those interested in trivia, the weight of the tower is over 30 lbs.
Terry Bullingham
26 March 2010
PS Good job Terry can't read this - he's totally blind!

john ozyer-key      (at 12:25am, Wed 31st Mar, 10)

I saw this model at the MMG meeting and its truly amazing. It is beautifully constructed and I think a sighted person would struggle to build. The slewing ring is actually a starter ring from a car engine.
Well done Terry.

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